Yes Shop, was born in 1970 thanks to the great intuition of Ma-

rio Borriello who, as a great expert in the sector, had his own

company that produced well-made commercial trousers

lized all over the world, he decides to open a small store

in the heart of Naples a few steps from the central station, at the beginning

of the 80's he is riding in full the era of the “paninari” becoming ben

soon a reference in the city for the first fashion victims.

Over the years he began to expand his shop by acquiring

the adjacent room and consequently inserts new brands by giving

greater choice for its constantly growing clientele.

In the 1990s, thanks to the continuous search for new trends, the

uncle grows exponentially and becomes a real point of

reference for the city.

From 2003 the management passed to his son Pierluigi, who he too with

strong entrepreneurial skills brings Yes Shop to very high levels, ne

the expansion continues, bringing it to about 500 square meters.

Given the enormous success and credibility acquired in the now 50 years of

story in 2009 Pierluigi decides to open a new space, located in

in front of the men's shop, dedicated solely to women, too

this intuition proves to be a huge success, the boutique recently

renovated, it boasts 250 square meters dedicated solely to the female universe.